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Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Signs

When Mr. Hawk and I first got engaged, one of the first things I obessessed over was beautiful wedding signs. Direction signs, reserved signs, it really didn't matter. I bookmarked an obscene amount of "Mr." and  "Mrs." as well as "Bride" and "Groom" signs on etsy. More recently seeing the posts by fellow bees like Miss Mink and Miss Coyote did nothing to quell my obsession. But as our budget slowly rapidly started to dwindle away, I decided that it was a project I could definitely tackle on my own.

2 wooden plaques
Sawtooth hangers
Paint brushes

First, I primed and painted the plaques and let them dry. (You may have seen this coming from my table numbers post!)

Then I printed off "Mr." and "Mrs." in dimenstions to match the plaques. The font I chose was Freebooter Script. To make a transfer of the letters from the paper to the plaque, I started by shading the back of the "Mr." and "Mrs." printouts with pencil.

Then I placed the paper face up on the plaque and centered it. I traced the outline of the letters (shaded side down) to create my outline.

The last step was the most time-consuming: paint! I learned the hard way that it's not a good idea to paint after drinking a gigantic cup of coffee. (Not my finest or brightest moment.) I was incapable of keeping my hand straight, which didn't exactly translate to optimal painting conditions. For touch ups, I used a little of the cream paint and if necessary painted the edges again in black.

I could've stopped there, but I wanted our signs to be able to hang from out chairs at the reception, so I attached sawtooth hangers. Then I tied ribbon on each hanger, so that they will be adjustable when I attach them to our chairs at the reception.

I am really happy that I did these myself. Spending only about $12 to make both, I certainly saved myself some money!

Was there a project that was a big money saver for you?

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